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New PATA Phuket Chapter Receives Huge Boost

PATA Thailand Chapter and Skål International Phuket & South Thailand established a new benchmark for tourism cooperation in Phuket with a recent dinner and education programme that was considered informative by all. Over 100 tourism leaders, government officials, honorary councils plus Skål and PATA members packed the ballroom to hear how PATA Chapters boost local tourism. Speakers included PATA Interim CEO Bill Calderwood and PATA Thailand Chapter executive committee members Bert van Walbeek, Blair Speers, Luzi Matzig and Ben Montgomery. Skål President Blandine Cressard also gave an address on its role in Phuket and the region, while Mr Speers was the main organiser and MC of the event that was sponsored by PATA Thailand Chapter Chairman, Mr van Walbeek said: “Thank you to the Skål team who did a great job in organising the evening. PATA is on the way to creating a new Chapter in Phuket that will work closely with Skål, as we do in Bangkok.” Anyone interested in a copy of Mr van Walbeek’s presentation ‘Past, Present and Future Success in Developing Tourism in Thailand’ should click here to read or download.


PATA and Skål unite to promote Phuket tourism

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and Skål International invite all Phuket-based members from either association to attend a joint event on 24 September starting from 5:30pm. This unique meet and greet session will feature speakers from Thailand's leading international travel companies, Honorary Counsels, Thai government officials and PATA CEO Bill Calderwood. The event is supported by the Thai Government’s Ministry of Sports and Tourism and is open for everyone to attend. Non-SKAL and non-PATA members can enjoy a wonderful dinner with cocktails for 1,500 THB per person. Click on the following links to view the event invite and speaker programme. To make a direct reservation please contact Mr Arnupab Satakorn on or call 66 (0) 8 1719 4620.

The Reopening of Phuket Tourism After Covid-19 Set to Boost the Real Estate Market

For months now the COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down, touching virtually everyone on the planet in one way or another. With millions of coronavirus infections and hundreds of thousands of deaths, the human toll has been as unprecedented as it is tragic. But beyond the human devastation are the carry-on effects, including a steep drop in tourism.

Some of the hardest hit parts of the planet have been places that rely on tourism for their very survival. It would be hard to find a better case study than Phuket, a part of Thailand that is blessed with natural beauty, and a spot that in a normal year would welcome travelers from all over the world. But 2020 is not a normal year, and that lack of normalcy has been reflected in the numbers.Now things are starting to turn around, and that is good news for travelers from around the world. With so much pent up demand, tourists are once again discovering the wonders of Phuket, from the stunning Kata Noi beach to the amazing, and amazingly Big Buddha statue.

The tourist trade is once again taking center stage in Phuket, and the locals could not be happier, but there is another part of society that is set to thrive. As economic conditions continue to improve throughout Thailand in general and Phuket in particular, the real estate industry is picking up as well.That could be great news for investors of property in Phuket and the surrounding area. After months of devastation and falling prices, things are finally looking up for Phuket real estate, with local residents taking a second look at the market and outsiders looking into purchasing property in this stunning part of the world. In many ways the Phuket real estate market has never been hotter, and there has never been a better time to invest. With prices slashed to rock bottom levels in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis and the resulting drop in tourism, would-be investors in the Phuket property market are swooping in, buying up homes, apartment blocks and commercial buildings in the region.

Given the stunning turnaround in the Phuket tourism market, many experts are warning potential investors in the Phuket property market that the bargain basement prices will not last for long. Phuket real estate tends to be a leading indicator, meaning that prices for residential and commercial properties tend to rise before the economy at large has fully recovered. What this means for would be investors of property in Phuket is that time is of the essence. Real estate is always a fluid market, with ups and downs and changes in the valuation of various parts of the Phuket property market. If you want to stake your claim in the recovery of Thailand and the tourism market, you would be well advised to act fast, before the full recovery from the coronavirus pandemic has taken place. The world is still a very uncertain place, and the coronavirus crisis is still raging in many countries. That is the bad news, but there is good news as well; compared to much of the world, Thailand has made enormous strides in containing the novel coronavirus, slashing the number of new infections, instituting strict safety measures and developing contact tracing apps to control new outbreaks quickly. These measures have allowed the country, and Phuket, to open up safely, and the rapid rise in Phuket tourism is proof of their effectiveness. After months of uncertainty and fear, things are looking up for the Phuket property market, and for tourism in the region. Now is the time to stake your claim in the world of Phuket real estate, and now is the time to stake your claim.


One of the World’s Great Destinations

Welcome to the PATA Thailand Chapter website. We represent one of the great travel destinations in the world – and this is our mission statement:

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Thailand Chapter is a voluntary not-for-profit membership organisation that supports the responsible development of the travel and tourism industry in Thailand. The Chapter organises tourism training seminars, disseminates useful information to its members and the media and supports the strategic objectives of PATA head office. The Chapter comprises both private and government sectors

The Chapter represents over 100 members from both the private and public sectors. All of us have a commitment to professional development to enhance the quality of the travel industry in Thailand.

We have a strong commitment to education and skills development. That’s why we organise frequent workshops and seminars, as well as industry luncheons with compelling speakers. Check the calendar of events to find out how you can participate.

Our strength is the diversity of our membership in Thailand. Click onto our member directory to find the PATA Thailand Chapter member who offers the service you need.

The PATA Thailand Chapter is proud to help Thailand work towards the responsible development of its travel industry. Please join us in this rewarding quest.

PATA Foundation has come a long way.
In the past 25 years, hundreds of grassroots projects across 40 destinations in Asia Pacific have felt the generosity of PATA Foundation, through our annual fundings, and scholarships. As our industry experiences continued growth rate, the challenges to ensure sustainable and responsible development and conservation are equally high. With your strong support, we are certain that we will be able to meet these challenges in the years ahead.

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