About the Pacific Asia Travel Association

Founded in 1951, the Pacific Asia Travel Association is the recognised authority on Pacific Asia travel and tourism. As a not-for-profit trade association, PATA's mission is to enhance the growth, value and quality of Pacific Asia travel and tourism for the benefit of its membership.

An intrinsic value of PATA is the broad base of its membership. All facets of the travel industry are represented within the partnership of public and private sector bodies, large and small organisations, developed and developing nations, and companies that provide a wide range of services to the travel industry.

While international travel to Pacific Asia has increased three-fold in the last decade alone — from 25 million visitors a year to over 90 million — PATA has provided a cohesive structure to help its members realise the most economic prosperity from this growth.

Since September 1998, PATA's Operational Headquarters has been located here in Thailand, with additional offices in San Francisco, Sydney, Singapore and Monaco. See PATA Offices and Organisation Chart for details, including contact information for all PATA offices.

For more information, visit the PATAnet Web site at http://www.pata.org

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