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Security Expert to Address PATA Thailand Chapter AGM

12-01-07 11:53 Age: 1 yrs


BANGKOK, January 12, 2007 -- Security expert Vic Plessner of VHP Group Asia will the assess the tourism industry from a security perspective during the PATA Thailand Chapter AGM luncheon at the Shangri-La Hotel on January 17.

Mr Plessner, has 35 years in the security sector in Latin America, USA and Asia. He says hotels, cruise ships and airports should have better security accreditation – as they often do for environmental, hygiene or guest service standards. One of the tourism industry weak points he’ll address is the tendency in Thailand to use security guards “like janitors”. The 30-minute presentation will include insights from the time when Mr Plessner was hired improve security systems in Columbia in 1992 after the escape of Pablo Escobar. Mr Plessner’s presentation is called, “There Are No Boundaries”. It’s a tourism speech with a difference!

Dr Paul Rogers of SNV will also tell the AGM about the amazing former Communist ‘cave city’ in Viengxay in Laos. The underground city of  200 caves is a new destination being developed by and for the local residents by adhering to community tourism guidelines.

1200-1330 at the Indonesia Room, 3rd floor, Krung Thep Wing, Shangri-La Hotel. All PATA Thailand Chapter and travel industry employees welcome. Luncheon cost: 500 baht per person. Please book in advance at Tel: 02 237 5195/9 . E-mail : pata(at)