P A T A   T H A I L A N D   C H A P T E R


The Pacific Asia Travel Association is a not-for-profit travel trade association serving government tourist offices, airlines, hotels and other travel-related companies throughout the Pacific Asia region. PATA provides leadership to the collective efforts of 38 national government members, over 50 state and local tourism bodies, 65 airlines and cruise lines, and more than 2,000 travel industry companies. PATA's Chapter membership includes 17,000 travel professionals in 79 PATA Chapters located throughout the world.

Chapter membership, distinct from PATA membership, provides travel professionals with competitive advantages through direct involvement in joint educational and promotional activities. More than 150 tour operators, travel agencies and other travel-related businesses belong to the PATA Thailand Chapter, which organises a variety of special workshops and seminars, grants student scholarships, and promotes environmentally conscious tourism projects in Thailand.

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