Pacific Asia Travel Association Thailand Chapter

IT Seminar

2nd PATA IT Seminar – “Traveling Bits & Bytes” & Quarterly Luncheon Meeting

When:  June 27, 2007
Time:  0900-1630 hrs
Where:  Holiday Inn Silom Bangkok
Cost:  PATA/TTC Members – Baht 2,850 per person, Non-Members – Baht 3,150 per person
Meeting Package: 2 Coffee Breaks, Pre-Lunch Refreshments & Lunch with Thailand Chapter Members, Seminar documentation and Seminar Certificate of Attendance


Seminar Programme

0800-0900 - Registration

0900-1015 - Changing Travel Patterns and IT

It is no secret that during the past couple of years the traveling behavior of consumers has changed in leaps and bounds. Trips are taken more frequently, the average duration of a trip has decreased, destinations that were considered far too exotic to visit for a long weekend are becoming common ground for the short-time traveler. And no matter how far-flung his requirements are, the traveler does not want to wait any longer than 5 minutes to get your confirmation of the whole package...

We will present you with an in-depth look into how this new customer attitude can be managed more efficiently with the help of Information Technology.

1015-1045  -  Coffee Break

1045-1200  -  Front and Back End Opportunities

Back end is defined as the set of applications and/or tools you use to keep your house in proper order. The traditional back end 'system' consisted of pieces of paper, a few sharp pencils and enough cupboards and boxes to store all your scribbles. These days you need another system to keep track of all your operations and movements: a well organized automation system will allow you to work smarter, faster and more efficiently. But a good back end system does not bring you any more customers, does it? You need the help of a front end tool to get the money rolling. However, a good front end system without a proper back end system is doomed to fail. This section will explain the benefits and opportunities you have in mixing and matching front and back end solutions.

1200-1230  -  Cocktails
                              (Meet PATA Thailand Chapter Members)

1230-1300  -  Luncheon Meeting with presentation by
                              Tourism Technology Consortium
                              “The Effect of the Internet on the Travel Industry”

1300-1515  -  Data Mining in the Travel Trade

In many sectors 'Data Mining' is a valuable and frequently used tool. Not so much as yet in the travel trade. You will be surprised how much you actually know about your existing customer, or even about your target customer! Key is to use this knowledge to your advantage. It is unavoidable, but we will have to talk a bit about the role a database can, or better: should play in your company. Bear with us; once you get the hang of data manipulation you will not look back.

1515-1545 - Coffee Break

1545-1630 -  Real-Life Implementation Tips

If the three topics above sounded too much like Theoretical Physics classes to you, then this is certainly the section not to miss! We will share with you a wealth of best practices on applications use (some freely downloadable from the net), encouraging management and staff involvement in your new projects, as well as some IT-driven sales & marketing tools to increase the bottom line of your organization.