Pacific Asia Travel Association Thailand Chapter

Section 1

PATA Thailand Chapter Bylaws

The name of the Chapter is the PATA THAILAND CHAPTER, herinafter called "Chapter".

The Chapter shall limit its membership and activities to the geographical area of Thailand.

To provide a forum which will enable the individual Chapter members to conduct their various assigned responsibilities for selling travel and providing services to visitors to the Pacific area in a more effective manner.

To bring together representatives of PATA members at regular intervals in order to develop a closer working relationship and a better understanding of travel matters relating to the Pacific area.

To obtain uniformity and combined action by members in pursuing national and local policies within the framework of PATA.

To implement specific PATA objectives and projects.

To pass to appropriate Government and official organisations such matters approved by PATA and to obtain action thereon as and when required.

To process generally and to obtain opinions of members of the Chapter on any PATA requirement or objective.

The Chapter shall devote its energies to the fullest extent possible in fulfilling the objectives of PATA.

The Chapter shall maintain organisational discipline so as to increase PATA’s effectiveness through unity.

The Chapter shall conduct its activities according to the provisions of the Bylaws of the Chapter and of PATA.

The Chapter shall heed such rules and regulations as may, from time to time, be set forth by PATA’s Board of Directors.

Every PATA member in good standing with either a headquarters or a branch office situated within the venue of the Chapter is eligible for membership in the Chapter. Except in the case of Allied and Affiliated Allied members, PATA membership in good standing must be held by the travel agency, tour operator, sightseeing operator, ground/water transportation operator, or operating hotel situated within the venue of the Chapter.

At the discretion of the Chapter, a non-PATA member may join the Chapter as an "Affiliate" member. Such membership is open only to those actively engaged in the tourist related industry, and has no standing with the PATA parent organisation. Such members may participate in PATA and Chapter activities only within the venue of the Chapter. This membership does not permit participation as a member of the Executive Committee of the Chapter.

Efforts shall be made to encourage participation in Chapter activities by the representative, or representatives, of each member eligible for Chapter membership.

Chapter membership shall consist of representatives of no fewer than fifteen (15) PATA members.

Life Membership in this Chapter shall be conferred upon any person within the Chapter.

After 2 years of being a member of the PATA Thailand Chapter a member must apply for membership of PATA Head Office.